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Winsupply Support Services Campus

A new sense of place

A gift like no other

Rick Schwartz, the chairman of the board at Winsupply Inc., reached out to Brixilated on Christmas day in 2020 after receiving one of our other LEGO®  kits as a gift. From the beginning, he had a vision of what he wanted for his staff and employees which resulted in Brixilated’s largest corporate gift sets to date. 

With 298 pieces, multiple specialty printed elements by OKBrickWorks, and a 40+ page, personalized instruction booklet, this set truly encapsulates the breadth of what we, at Brixilated, have to offer. 

The Winsupply Support Services Campus

From humble beginnings in 1962 in the basement of a house in Dayton, Ohio, the Winsupply Family of Companies is now a collection of 640 independent, locally owned and operated wholesaling locations across the U.S. that altogether produced more than $5 billion in revenues in 2021.

Wanting to represent the campus throughout the lifetime of the company, this set consists of: 

• 3110 Kettering Blvd. – Winsupply’s first permanent home

• 3131 S. Dixie Drive – the facility acquired to expand

• 3176 Kettering Blvd. – the design-build firm Wilcon Corp., a Winsupply company

• 3300 Kettering Blvd. – the new Richard W. Schwartz Center for Innovation and Winsupply of Dayton, a local company founded in 1972

Far beyond bricks and mortar

From the beginning, Winsupply’s founders had a higher calling: to give entrepreneurs the freedom to earn their own success and claim the American Dream. The Winsupply Support Services Campus now personifies this united approach.

The Covid-19 pandemic was hard, especially on teachers and educators in our community. That’s why we were thrilled to support students and classrooms in Centerville with our “Pride of Ohio” LEGO® kits in partnership with Centerville Education Foundation. Each kit contains over 80 brand new genuine LEGO bricks, a badge with Centerville Elks logo, a badge with Centerville Education Foundation logo, an ‘Elk Pride Never Dies’ nameplate, and a full color instruction booklet. Pre-order sales also contained a special ‘Class of 2022’ nameplate. As always, we rely on OKBrickWorks to custom print all our LEGO elements, meaning we support other local businesses in the southwest Ohio region. And, with 20% of each sale going to the Foundation, these kits exemplify our mission to play with purpose.

"We have been extremely happy with our relationship with Adam, Jacquelyn and Brixilated!  They have been fabulous to work with from the design/conceptual phase all the way through production and sales and have constantly worked diligently to be sure that all aspects of the product are on point with our organizational goals. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them and are excited to see what kinds of creative ideas they will come up with next!"
-Allison Durnbaugh, Centerville Education Foundation Trustee