About Us

Play with Purpose

Here at Brixilated, we keep it pretty simple: we love making people smile. 

And what better way to share that joy than to pair creative and fun products and experiences with the belief that business can be a force for social and communal good.

Kids gathered around table building with Legos

Our Mission

We believe in the power of play to change the world.  Play is the best, most natural human state to learn the necessary social and emotional skills to thrive in a society – skills like communication, emotional regulation, self control, and empathy. Whether we’re developing a building enrichment curriculum for schools, partnering with local hospitals to fundraise, or designing custom gifts and experiences for local businesses, we keep play at the heart of all we do.

Our Impact

Fundraising & Philanthropy

Alongside our partners, we have raised over $2,500 as well as donated products to provide COVID relief, promote small business success, and improve education outcomes.

Project-Based Learning

We have partnered with education providers like the University of Dayton, Chaminade Julienne High School, and Sycamore Elementary to provide students the ability to create and develop tangible engineering and entrepreneurship capstone projects.

Future Focused

The world is changing. Fast.  We've shifted our business model to prioritize products and experiences that will make the world better for current and future generations.

Our Team

Adam Mullins

Founder & CEO

Jacquelyn Strey

Program Director

Greg Phillips

Creative Director

Our Partners

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Q: Are you affiliated with The LEGO® Group? 
A: No, but we do operate under LEGO’s Fair Play policy which means that, while we use LEGO bricks as our material, we’re not affiliated nor associated with The LEGO Group. 

Q: How can I get my idea made out of LEGO bricks?
A: Reach out! Email contact@brixilated.com, tell us your idea, and we’ll set up a discovery call! 

Q: Help! I’m missing a piece in my kit! What should I do? 
A: Oh no! Email contact@brixilated.com and let us know the kit you bought and the part you’re missing and we’ll get that sent to you in no time.

Q: Are you going to do classes near me? 
A: All of our current classes are listed on our Brixilated Builders Academy page but we always love to hear where we could go next so email us on contact@brixilated.com and let us know where you are! 

Q: I’m interested in getting Brixilated Builders Academy classes in my organization. Where do I start? 
A: We’d love to have a chat with you! Please email contact@brixilated.com and tell us all about what you’re thinking!