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Dayton Development Coalition Group-build

Building communities, building LEGO®


“The Brixilated team came to our office in March to hang the completed piece, framed and secured, in our front lobby. We shut down the office a few days later, before getting a chance to show it off. When we opened back up, the mural remained. The collective work of our community, built with care by the people who believe in our mission. In this year of absence and loss, the mural reminds us that you are with us with every step of the way on this road to recovery.” - Shannon Joyce Neal, Vice President of Strategic Communications

In late February 2020, we were thrilled to run a group-build mosaic event for the Dayton Development Coalition’s annual luncheon at the iconic Carillon Historical Park. Little did we know that a few short weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic would disrupt what we thought was normal life. This mosaic was built using 12,000+ LEGO pieces and by more than 400 luncheon members representing businesses, charities, schools, and other organizations in the Greater Dayton area. At Brixilated, we pride ourselves as being a business that builds with purpose, whether that be LEGO, relationships with our clients and vendors, or within our community. It’s important for us to work with organizations like the DDC who do the same.

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