Introducing the Brixilated Build Instructor Certification: Elevating LEGO® Enrichment through Playful Learning

Brixilated is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative and comprehensive Brixilated Build Instructor certification program, designed to empower educators and enthusiasts alike in delivering exceptional learning enrichment experiences using beloved LEGO bricks. At the core of the Brixilated Build Instructor Certification is an immersive in-person training course that comprehensively covers the art of learning through play as a pedagogical approach, the unique Brixilated build methodology, curriculum intricacies, and mastery of materials. Participants are guided through a dynamic journey that enables them to harness the power of LEGO bricks as tools for education and skill development.
Oakmont Group

Brixilated Certifies 7 Oakmont Education Instructors

Deepening our partnership with Oakmont Education- an innovative and path-making education ecosystem aimed at providing opportunity youth with skills and pathways to transform their lives- Brixilated officially certified 7 Oakmont Advanced Manufacturing instructors after a two-day training in early August. 

The Brixilated Build Instructor Certification is a significant step towards achieving the partnership’s overarching objectives:

Oakmont Training

As the world recognizes the importance of hands-on, experiential learning, the Brixilated Build Instructor Certification joins a growing call for professional and academic micro-credentialing and upskilling, illuminating the path towards a future where education and play are intertwined for the betterment of students and communities.