Brixilated is shortlisted for the HundrED and Supercell’s Spotlight on Gamified Curricula!

We are thrilled to announce that our Brixilated Builders Academy- an enriching and LEGO-based education program- has been shortlisted for the prestigious HundrED and Supercell's Spotlight on Gamified Curricula. This recognition highlights Brixilated’s commitment to innovation in education and its transformative impact on learners worldwide.
Brixilated Free Build

“To change the future, we need to change the ways our kids are taught now. When we prioritize social and emotional skills, we build communities, instill compassion and empathy, and live with curiosity. If we teach young people to be proud of themselves and not just what they own, we can create a generation of powerful, confident, world-changers who can impact the future in meaningful ways. “

Our Brixilated Builders Academy program will now be reviewed by the HundrED Advisory Board, comprising over 60 worldwide experts in the gamification of education. This board includes educators, researchers, students, and innovators from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the impact and scalability of the company's innovation.

Brixilated Free Build

You can see our submission on the HundrED website and check out the other innovations affecting educational transformation throughout the world. We are thrilled to be in the company of such incredible creatives and change-makers.