All Smiles at Autism Society of North Carolina

In August of 2022, we kicked off our Brixilated Builders Academy program to a room full of enthusiastic participants at Creative Living in Raleigh, NC.

The Autism Society of North Carolina aims to improve the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, support their families, and educate communities through individualized care, programming, and outreach opportunities. Care at Creative Living focuses on increasing self-sufficiency and meaningful connections by:

  1. Developing and improving communication skills
  2. Cultivating and maintaining social skills including self-awareness, self-control, responsiveness, interpersonal skills, and the ability to maintain personal relationships
  3. Fostering community relationships and integration through recreation, volunteer experiences, employment, and leisure activities

Our Brixilated Builders Academy program enhances these goals by encouraging participants to practice social-emotional skills through a combination of teamwork, imaginative exploration, and play…all using LEGO® bricks. 

Working alongside the incredible one-to-one staff, interested participants can also train to take part in the running of the class and help out with room preparation, stretching, or even leading a class! 

This partnership was made possible the way we like it best- through personal connection, long-standing relationships, and a shared vision of what individualized care and commitment to improving lives can produce. We are thrilled at the reception of the first wave of programming and we’re looking forward to the continued learning from the participants and the ASNC.