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Here at brixilated, we keep it pretty simple: we love making people smile. And what better way to share that joy than to pair unique, fun, quality products with the belief that business can be a force for social and communal good.

We envision a world where businesses are empathetically and compassionately tied to the communities they live within and represent. For us, that means reimagining traditional working structures to accommodate a wide variety of employee needs to aid smooth transitions and positive outcomes both of the individuals as well as create a product imbibed with purpose and joy.

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frequently asked questions

wait. is that really lego®?

while we don't have an official relationship with the Lego® group (please see the disclaimer below), we share their commitment to creating sustainable and safe products. sure, we could make a few extra bucks if we sold a clone brand but we sleep better at night knowing that the bricks you build with are safe and reliably sourced.

are the lego® new or used?

all miniature and microbuilds sets are 100% new Lego® elements sourced from secondary retail channels.  we use previously loved Lego® bricks in our academy program and our educational outreach. 

can i get something custom designed?

of course! we're custom designed mosaics, buildings, mascots, sculptures...just about anything you can think of, we'll try to make it out of lego®! reach out to use via the email on our contact page and let's get building. 


so you are not a non-profit?

while we looked into becoming a non-profit, we found that there were so many other groups doing incredible work already so why reinvent the wheel? instead, we partner with these local non-profits and give them the support they need while focusing on what we do best- design cool stuff and make people smile. 

how can i get involved?

first, what an incredible mindset.  we are always looking for volunteers looking to make the world a better place.  come have fun for a great cause.  please reach out to us via email on our contact page.

do you accept lego® donations?

absolutely! new or used, we'll take it! because we utilize used bricks in our academy programs and educational outreach, we can always use more so please reach out to us via email on our contact page.