building with purpose

Here at Brixilated, we keep it pretty simple: we love making people smile. And what better way to share that joy than to pair creative and fun products and experiences with the belief that business can be a force for social and communal good.

Our mission

We believe that there is power in creation. Our mission is to create products and experiences with Lego® that change the world.

Our Impact

Fundraising & Philanthropy

Alongside our partners, we have raised over $2,000 as well as donated products to provide COVID relief, promote small business, and improve education outcomes.

Project-Based Learning

Over the past two years, we have opened our business so that University of Dayton engineers and entrepreneurs could create tangible, real-life capstone projects.


The world is changing quickly.  We have shifted our business model to prioritize products and experiences that will make the world better for current and future generations.

Let's work together

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