learning made better with LEGO®

The future of learning is here! Our Brixilated Builders Academy classes provide an enriching building experience, promote mindfulness and self-care, and prepare builders with the skills needed to create a better tomorrow.

class structure

In our 60-minute classes, builders will learn everything about becoming a LEGO® Master!  Builders will use their personal building kit to complete a different creation using over 200+ brand new LEGO® bricks! At the end class, builders receive the digital lesson plan and build instructions so they can practice their new skills at home!

Curated curriculum

From the moment builders join our class – whether virtual or in-person – the activities, materials, and instruction are carefully scripted in order to promote healthy, adaptive life skills like mindfulness, cooperation, resilience, and grit, all while simultaneously embedded within a fun building experience.   Learning looks different at the Brixilated Builder's Academy!

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