Group Builds & Events

Step 1

Submit Photo

Every Lego mosaic begins with a great photo!  Once you submit a photo, we will set up a call to learn about your event, walk through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2

The Design Phase

Did you know Lego bricks come in over 50 different colors?!   Using our custom software, we can quickly create several styles to choose from.  Don’t wait on hand-drawn designs, see your Lego mosaic options today.

Step 3

Behind the Scenes Preparation

Time to get to work!  Once the design is selected, we begin preparing the Lego bricks, baseplates and instructions designed specifically for your event.

Step 4

The Build

Building mosaics and memories!   Watch the Lego mosaic come alive as you and your builders each complete a section of the mosaic.  Master builders assemble! 

Let's Talk!

Submit a photo and learn more about your future LEGO mosaic.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg.